Middle Schools &
High Schools

Statistics show that of the U.S. students that go on to college, a large proportion will never earn their degree. We believe that many of those same students also will enter the workforce with inadequate career exploration. Our platform can assist in addressing the elephant in the room—should they have attended college in the first place? If they need to obtain a degree, it will be with a purpose!

For nearly two decades, many states and local districts have been hyper-focused on “college readiness” in the traditional sense of obtaining admission. We subscribe to the definition of college readiness as “having had adequate career exploration, having a comprehensive understanding of one’s current interests and skills in relation to the occupational demand, and the having the outlook needed to succeed in college coursework, or in a workforce training program. Although, many of your programs are funded, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reliably determine which program a student should pursue. With proper placement, the ROI on dollars spent with your program will increase!

Postsecondary &
Training Programs
Government &
Economic Development

In today’s economic environment, vibrant communities depend heavily upon being able to adapt to fast-changing market forces. One of the key strategies communities are deploying to remain adaptable is to focus on closing the skills gap. Although that strategy is vital to recruiting and retaining industry, alone, it does not address the growing problem of attrition. Let’s accompany that strategy with closing the interest gap as well. How effective would it be for you to engage in interest-driven economic development? It doesn’t get any more aggressive and intentional than that!