How it Works
WorkforceXL® is designed to see college and career fit beyond GPAs, test scores, and personal backgrounds. By meticulously deconstructing work requirements, we can more objectively assess capacity in each component.

What is
VocationalDNA® ?

We refer to a user’s assessment results as their VocationalDNA. VocationalDNA has three components: aptitude, skill interest, and willingness. Through much research, we have determined that those factors heavily contribute to a person quitting a job.

Our Philosophy.

We improve connection – more actionable data for the student, candidate, and employer. We measure what is important to sustaining employment. We empathize with the student and candidate searching for the right opportunity. We equally empathize with the employer that needs to hire the best fit.

What comes next for Schools and Organizations

Host a Job Fair

  • We’ll work with you to determine the number of subscriptions needed and develop an action plan.
  • Invite up to 3 employers to participate in your job fair,
  • Administer the assessment, then review VocationalDNA®.
  • Monitor user/employer interaction regarding job matches.

What comes next for employers

Find candidates who fit

  • Determine which job fair you would like to join.
  • Post unfilled positions, and browse candidate matches.
  • Engage matches to evaluate the best fit for your vacancy.

High Schools, Colleges or Organizations

Host a Job Fair: The User Experience.

After a user completes his or her assessments, they will gain deeper insights from their VocationalDNA about their capacity and willingness to perform respective jobs. Our software will also align them (through their VocationalDNA) with job opportunities our employer network is looking to fill. This is accomplished through a proprietary matching system. To be clear, WorkforceXL is not designed to qualify or disqualify anyone from a particular job opportunity. It is our desire that candidates stand out to employers for positions that best fit them. 




  • Eligibility Organizations such as High Schools or Colleges
  • Includes 7-day access for students to explore their occupational fit as well as be matched to job postings from your invited employers.
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WorkforceXL® JOB FIT

/year per user

  • Explore interest in various industries
  • Objectively choose a college major
  • Browse job matches
  • Chat directly with employers
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Employers and Staffing Agencies

Looking to Hire? Our Employer Network.

For employers, WorkforceXL is also designed for the hiring process–as well as, to assist organizations in identifying opportunities for cross-training with existing employees. It usually takes just over an hour to complete all of the assessments. 

Users take the Skill Interest and Willingness assessments during their initial login. Combined, those two assessments last roughly 20-30 minutes. The Aptitude assessment, which lasts roughly 40-50 mins, is only requested by an employer associated with a posted job opportunity. We recommend that users complete the aptitude assessment within 48 hours of the employer’s request. Ultimately, WorkforceXL maps a user’s VocationaDNA to posted job opportunities; and allows employers to take the most objective first step possible in their hiring process. 




  • Eligibility Must be invited by one SCHOOL or ORGANIZATION to a job fair.
  • Includes 7-day access to pre-qualify candidates from that SCHOOL or ORGANIZATION for open positions.
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WorkforceXL® BASIC

/month, paid annually

  • Pre-qualify candidates in OUR pipeline (built through partnerships with schools and organizations) for open positions.
  • Post up to 10 jobs per month.
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WorkforceXL® PRO

/month, paid annually

  • Pre-qualify candidates in YOUR pipeline for open positions.
  • Screen candidates you have sourced elsewhere (like LinkedIn or Indeed) using our tool.
  • Pre-qualify YOUR existing employees for open positions and/or cross-training.
  • Identify in-house talent for opportunities using our tool.
  • Unlimited job postings.
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WorkforceXL® MAX

Contact Sales
/month, paid annually

  • Eligibility Organizations with over 100 employees.
  • Benefits All features of WorkforceXL® BASIC and WorkforceXL® PRO.
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