Interest is equally as important as skill.

With increased spending and rising standards for career technical education and workforce training initiatives, organizations are still using a traditional model where interest assessments and apprenticeships are executed before career exploration. How can someone be interested in something they have never seen or do not understand? Furthermore, even if they have a particular career in mind, why not deploy correlation to affirm or supplant their inclination. Currently, skills assessments primarily drive job training. We believe that is where the process of attrition begins—hiring people in industries without considering their interests as well.

What is WorkforceXL®?

With a focus on career exploration and career fit; as well as, an effort to support local and state workforce initiatives, we developed WorkforceXL®. WorkforceXL® is a platform that offers a suite of research-based assessments infused with visual career exploration that provide reliable and actionable data to users about their career fit. There are two assessments: WorkforceXL® CareerFit and WorkforceXL® JobFit. We ultimately refer to a user’s WorkforceXL® results as their VocationalDNA™.

What is VocationalDNA™?

Again, we refer to a user’s WorkforceXL® results as their VocationalDNA™. VocationalDNA™ has five components: industry interest, job function interest, hard skills inference, soft skills inference, and a culture index. An important differentiator of our philosophy is that our research has led us to deconstruct an occupation or job title into two components: industry interest and job function interest. We have determined that employers are not as concerned about occupational/job titles, as they are in a candidate’s interest and ability to perform the job functions—in addition to knowing if a candidate is interested in their particular industry and workplace culture.

Designed to see career fit beyond GPAs, test scores and work experience.

Two Assessments. One Mission.

To better serve our clients, we have developed two assessments:

WorkforceXL® CareerFit

WorkforceXL® CareerFit has several hours of content. It is designed to visually explore a wide range of industries to better assess industry interest, job function interest; as well as, hard & soft skills. Typically, buyers greatly value this assessment as a precursor to job training.

Those engaged in pre-training and pre-hiring activity

Educational institutions, state and local workforce programs, correctional facilities, and municipalities

User – career exploration w/ instructional design; and insight on career fit before training;
BuyerAnnual data about user interests and skills to enhance instructional strategy; and a targeted employer list driven by VocationalDNA matches.

Several hours of content

WorkforceXL® JobFit

WorkforceXL® JobFit is designed for the hiring process; and to assist organizations in identifying employee opportunities for cross-training. It usually takes less than an hour to complete this assessment. This assessment assumes that the candidate is already interested in the
industry and focuses only mapping his or her’s job function interest, hard & soft skills, and workplace culture to specific job opportunities.

Job applicants and existing employees

Employers and staffing agencies

User – Advanced input on job function interests and workplace culture desires;
BuyerAccess to our user database, pre-hiring compatibility, and data-driven job fairs.

35-50 minutes