Our solutions

With a focus on career exploration, college degree choice, and job fit; as well as an effort to support local and state workforce initiatives, we developed Career Fit and Job Fit. Our solutions are a pair of research-based assessments that provide reliable and actionable data to users, administrators, and those looking to hire.

What is VocationalDNA®?

We refer to a user’s CareerFit and JobFit results as their VocationalDNA. The VocationalDNA for CareerFit has two components: industry interest and retention percentage. The VocationalDNA JobFit has four components: skills, abilities, work context, and work values.

How it works

CareerFit—after users complete their career exploration content and assessments, they will gain deeper insights from their VocationalDNA® regarding suggested workforce credentials and potential college degree programs.

JobFit—after a candidate completes the assessment, our software will align them  (through their VocationalDNA®) with the many jobs our employer network is looking to fill. This is accomplished through a proprietary ranking system. To be clear, JobFit is not designed to qualify or disqualify anyone from a particular job opportunity. It is our desire that candidates stand out to employers for positions that best fit them.

Designed to see college and career fit beyond GPAs, test scores and work experience.

Two Solutions. One Mission.

To better serve our clients, we have developed two assessments:


CareerFit has several hours of content. It is designed for users to visually explore a wide range of industries to better assess interest, and the retention rate from what they viewed. Studies show that interest and retention are usually linked. Typically, buyers value this assessment as a precursor to job training or an apprenticeship; as well as, for selecting a college degree program or workforce credential.

BENEFIT: Users gain deeper insights regarding suggested workforce credentials and potential college degree programs

USERS: Middle and high school students, college students, and adults

BUYERS: Educational institutions, state and local workforce programs, correctional facilities, and municipalities

DURATION: Several hours of content


JobFit is designed for the hiring process; and to assist organizations in identifying employee opportunities for cross-training. It usually takes one hour to complete this assessment. This assessment assumes that the candidate is already interested in the industry and focuses on mapping his or her skills, abilities, work context, and work values to specific job opportunities.

BENEFIT: Buyers will have access to our proprietary ranking of their candidates per job posting, determined by the candidates’ VocationalDNA®.

USERS: Recruiters, hiring managers, and talent management

BUYERS: Employers and staffing agencies

DURATION: 1 hour