With a focus on career exploration, we support local and state workforce initiatives by providing reliable and actionable data to users about their career interest. Through data and research, it is our goal to sustainably bridge the gap between the untapped resource of people looking for work and industries looking for workers. Our product standards and subsequent modifications are driven by the insights of teams of experienced school-to-work experts and instructional designers; as well as, by the best practices promoted by accrediting bodies.

Pedagogical Highlights

We develop content by following a hybrid version of the Dick and Carey Model of Instructional Design and Rapid Prototyping Model.  Each new learning opportunity begins at the analysis phase. Our users, learning environment, and content are analyzed by our team of instructional experts. Next, an instructional analysis is developed utilizing measurable objectives supported by subject-matter experts in each industry topic. From there, the content is designed using Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction. As each course moves into the development phase, we consider core principles–such as the multimedia principle, the modality principle, the contiguity principle, and the coherence principle–along with ARCs motivation model and other engagement elements. As each element takes shape, we consult subject-matter experts and test the elements on users in a rapid prototyping manner. Instructional designers, graphic designers, animators, and subject-matter experts all work together in a collaborative environment to produce eLearning elements that are not only educational, but are also engaging.

The Perkins Act & WIOA

The Perkins Act sits at a critical juncture between national, state, and local education and workforce development systems. The need for cross-system collaboration between these communities is critical. It is our goal to aide in appropriately and effectively aligning the federal investments made through WIOA and Perkins. These resources and initiatives warrant our reliable and actionable data illuminating needs and driving  solutions. We also desire to help CTE strike the appropriate balance between the educational needs of students and the talent pipeline needs of employers. This is where the strength of a partnership with us comes into play.

Our Research Initiative

Our research initiative is focused on curating and supporting research studies related to the impact and efficacy of H2T Digital Co. products and services. Literature reviews to inform members of our curriculum committee in their effort to assure that the categories remains current with the research are also a priority. If you are looking for guidance on conducting H2T-focused research or finding studies to support the use of H2T Digital Co. products and services, we recommend starting with the resources that will be listed in the sections below post-beta.