Preparing Students for the Workforce of the Future

Preparing Students for the Workforce of the Future

Preparing Students for the Workforce of the Future 6000 4000 H2T Digital Co.

Predicting the future: Most of the jobs today’s students will hold do not exist yet.

As technology and society develop, so do jobs. In fact, the majority of jobs current students will hold in the future do not even exist yet. We, as a society, are attempting to prepare kids for skill sets we aren’t even aware of yet.

So what’s the solution?

A recent article by Eschoolnews proposes that it will take a collaborative effort between businesses, technology, society, and educational institutions to make student preparation possible. From self-learning and online education, to businesses communicating needs to institutions, it will take a multi-faceted effort to keep education in line with the evolving needs of  business and technology.

On the societal front, families need to take an active role in helping their children develop a passion for lifelong learning. On the educational side of things, incorporating more diversity into the K-12 education experience will help fill the ever-growing opportunity gap and lack of resource availability in some educational institutions and neighborhoods.

H2T Digital is consistently focused on making sure students are not only aware of their passions and interests, but of their goals and where they stand on their path to their own individual career success. Our platform helps individuals discover their perfect career match, and set them on action plan to get them from “Here to There”!

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