The Future of Our Workforce According to the BLS

The Future of Our Workforce According to the BLS

The Future of Our Workforce According to the BLS 6159 3706 H2T Digital Co.

In a recent report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a prediction of a surge in health care jobs, growing employment in clean energy and a continued decline in manufacturing positions has labor professionals concerned. The “gig” economy, which is led by freelancers, is also expected to grow exponentially.

Jobs that require a master’s degree are projected to grow three times as quickly as jobs for people with only a high school diploma. The BLS also stated that of the 30 fastest-growing occupations, 19 require some sort of postsecondary education.

Unfortunately, the BLS also predicts a decline in jobs such as secretaries, tellers, manufacturing jobs, and cashiers. Additionally, jobs such as truck drivers, and taxi drivers are slowly giving way to the “gig” economy.

Nancy Hoffman, senior advisor and co-founder of the Pathways to Prosperity Network, stated, “Everywhere I look, the message is all about the impact of artificial intelligence and drones on the future of work. School systems need to change, but they needed to change 50 years ago, too. Our schools are way behind in terms of technology and helping our young people understand the labor market and plan a career.”

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